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The California Hall of Fame 2007

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The 2007 California Hall of Fame exhibit includes a striking 40-foot wide display, designed by West Office Exhibition Design of Oakland, California, that is the focal point of the Museum lobby. The panel display features large scale portraits of the inductees, photographs and their biographical information. The artifact exhibit, located on the second floor, showcases in greater detail each inductee’s unique contribution.

Celebrating the 2007 California Hall of Fame inductees, this year’s exhibit includes over a hundred artifacts – many of which have never been displayed before. Some examples include:

  • Original prints by Ansel Adams;
  • One of Milton Berle’s costumes as well as a wind-up toy Berle Crazy Car;
  • A baseball and bat autographed by Willie Mays;
  • Rita Moreno’s dress from “West Side Story,” as well as her Oscar, Emmy, Tony and Grammy;
  • Jonas Salk’s lab equipment, including vials of the polio vaccine from 1954;
  • John Steinbeck’s typewriter and original manuscript pages from “East of Eden;”
  • Elizabeth Taylor’s costume from “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf,” for which she won an Oscar;
  • Earl Warren’s chair as governor of California;
  • John Wayne film memorabilia, including his boots, hat and saddle;
  • Tiger Woods’ golf clubs.