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Health Happens Here


Did you know your zip code can predict how long and how well you live? Learn why in the multimedia exhibit “Health Happens Here.”

Discover what Californians are doing to build health in communities across the state in this interactive journey through all the places and all the ways health happens in California. Through a series of high-tech games and interactive stations, visitors explore key factors that affect health beyond traditional diet and exercise while earning points that can be donated to 1 of 10 charities to make health happen for all Californians.

Engaging and educational fun for the entire family, “Health Happens Here” was developed in partnership with The California Endowment and is a national award-winning, ongoing signature exhibit – only at the California Museum.

A gallery wall titled State of Health with an outline of California filled in with photos of museum guests.
Health Happens Here
Learn more about The California Endowment’s “Health Happens Here” statewide campaign.
A video thumbnail featuring a headshot of a young adult.
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Watch the videos to learn more about all the places & all the ways health happens in California.