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Nominations to the California Hall of Fame are welcome and encouraged to give the public a voice in the selection process and to assist the Museum in developing a comprehensive list of candidates.

Please review the criteria below and answers to the California Hall of Fame FAQs before submitting a nomination. Submissions are accepted year round, and qualified candidates are added to an ongoing master list which is shared with the Governor and First Partner to aid them in their selection.

All nominees must meet all of the following required criteria for consideration:

  • Lived in California for a minimum of 5 years
  • Transcend the boundaries of their field to make a lasting, significant contribution to the state, nation and world
  • Embody the spirit of California and the California Dream
  • Motivate and inspire people to further their own dreams through their unique story and accomplishments

Please include all of the following information:

  • Nominee’s name, field of influence, and California connection
  • A summary of the nominee’s achievements including a brief description of the candidate’s personal history, significant accomplishments and awards, lasting contributions, and how they inspire others to further their own dreams
  • Your name and email address

    Nominate a Remarkable Californian