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Gold Mountain

Exhibit Artifacts

Chinese Californian Stories

Discover the history and contributions of Chinese Americans to California from the Gold Rush to the present day in “Gold Mountain: Chinese California Stories.”

This signature exhibition explores how Chinese immigrants came to California in search of a better life, then stayed and helped to build the modern state. In so doing over the last 150 years, they triumphed over racism and other obstacles with ingenuity and perseverance. 

In their stories, visitors will see the contributions that Californians of Chinese descent have made to our state’s economy, governance, and culture, and recognize the strength that comes from the state’s rich diversity.

Just knowing the role that Chinese people played in this State’s history is truly a source of pride for me.
Lisa Ling
American Journalist
Without the Chinese, it would have been impossible to complete the western portion of this great national enterprise.
Leland Stanford
President of the Central Pacific Railroad

A boy kneeling down looking at an infographic in the Gold Mountain exhibit.
California’s Journey Field Trip
In this interactive, docent-led program, students will explore the impact of immigration on early California.
A coloring page activity of a Chinese dragon.
Coloring Sheet
Download a coloring activity exploring the origins of the dragon in Chinese culture.
An interactive audio visual wall with four different Chinese-Californian stories.
Exhibit Videos
Explore the stories of Chinese Californians featured in “Gold Mountain” on our YouTube playlist.