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Gambatte! Legacy of an Enduring Spirit

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January 29 – May 3, 2015

Woman leaning on a tree.
Mae Yanagi Ferral by Dorothea Lange, 2007. Courtesy of Paul Kitagaki, Jr.

“Gambatte! Legacy of an Enduring Spirit” is an all new traveling exhibit documenting the legacy of Japanese American citizens who were relocated to internment camps under Executive Order 9066, issued on February 19, 1942 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Through historic images shot by War Relocation Authority staff photographers Dorothea Lange, Tom Parker and others juxtaposed with contemporary images of the same individuals taken by The Sacramento Bee photojournalist Paul Kitagaki, Jr., the exhibit reveals the legacy of strength and perseverance that allowed a generation of Californians to triumph over adversity.