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Day of the Dead: Art of Día de los Muertos 2016

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October 14 – December 31, 2016

A journey through life, love and death, “Day of the Dead: Art of Día de los Muertos 2016” features contemporary works and altar installations by five California artists.

Opening on October 14 at the Museum’s Day of the Dead Party 2016, the exhibit explores the Mexican cultural tradition of honoring deceased loved ones each year on November 1 and 2 by creating calaveras de azúcar (sugar skulls), altares de muertos (altars of the dead) and ofrendas (offerings), which has evolved from the Aztecs to modern day California.

Representing a range of creativity across the state, the exhibit includes original works by Francisco Franco of San Francisco, John S. Huerta of Sacramento, Melissa Jazulin of Stockton, David Lozeau of San Diego and Rob-O of Sacramento. Contemporary altars by Huerta and Rob-O pay tribute to arts and entertainment legends Marlene Dietrich and Walt Disney, while installations by Franco, Lozeau and Jazulin commemorate father of Chicano music Eduardo “Lalo” Guerrero, stunt performer Evel Knievel and Gold Rush-era folk hero Joaquin Murrieta.

Members of the public are invited to celebrate their friends, family and ancestors by leaving a memento in the exhibit’s Community Altar located in the lobby through December 31, 2016.